· Publication in Pf Fotografie Magazine, Debuut, September 2023, #5 (NL)
· Publication in De Volkskrant, Weg met alle labels? In 'Boeken en Wetenschap', 11 March, Amsterdam (NL)      
· Exhibition 'New Vision' as part of Photo31, Dec 2nd - Jan 14th 2023, Gallery Atelier K84, Amsterdam (NL)   


· Exhibition 'New Vision' as part of Photo31, Dec 2nd - Jan 14th 2023, Gallery Atelier K84, Amsterdam (NL)                                                                     
· Online publication portfolio Photo31, November (NL)
· Exhibition as part of A&DS photo collective, gallery takeover at Langart Gallery, 19-21 May, Amsterdam (NL)


· Nominated for SO Award, Selection Of Dutch Photography, Amsterdam (NL)
· Exhibition at IDArtBuzz 2020, March 9th - June 5th, Strijp-T Eindhoven (NL) - postponed
· Publication in ContinuEd, School of Visual Arts, Spring 2020, New York (USA)


· Publication in SPOONmagazine 06 'Universe of universes', Paris (FR)
· Exhibition at School of Visual Arts, May, New York (USA)
· Exhibition at Huntenkunst, May, Ulft (NL)


· Awarded Honorable Mention in the Prix de la Photographie (P×3), Paris (FR)
· Exhibition Zoom in – Zoom out, IDArtBuzz, Innovation PowerHouse, Eindhoven (NL)
· Exhibition Creative Debuts x Ello, Shoreditch London (UK)


· Publication ‘Oh Magazine‘, September (NL)
· Online publication magazine ‘Hashtagphotographymagazine‘, Women’s issue, summer 2017 (UK)
· Publication international artists magazine ‘Not for print‘, collaboration between wetransfer and ello.co, August (USA)
· Photo Academy Graduation Exhibition ‘Reveal‘, Loods 6, Amsterdam (NL)
· Exhibition ‘Right Here, Right Now’, Fotofestival Naarden, Nominated ‘Up-and-coming talent of the Photo Academy (honorable mention)’, Naarden (NL)
· Publication in Dutch KIEKIEkrant, Upcoming Talent, No.17, winter 2017 (NL)


· Exhibition at Front de Mode in collaboration with SPOONmagazine, Paris (FR)
· Publication in SPOONmagazine, September (FR)
· Winner of the SPOONxELLO FASHIONxART contest
· Online publication Vulkanmagazine, June
· Exhibition ‘Het Oog’, Photo Academy, April 29th – June 15th, Amsterdam (NL)
· Publication New Dutch Photography Talent 2016 by GUP, Amsterdam (NL)
· Exhibition at De Heeren Wonen, 2012 – 2018, Nijmegen (NL)

· Exhibition New Dutch Photography Talent 2016, art’otel, Amsterdam (NL)


· Exhibition at BredaPhoto International photo festival, Breda (NL)
· Exhibition at VondelCS, Amsterdam (NL)
· Exhibition at Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Nominated for AVRO’s Self Portrait contest, Hilversum (NL)


· Nominated best portfolio at Focus Portfolio Review, Photo Academy Rotterdam (NL)

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