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Mare Veen (also known as Marloes Verhoeven, b.1977) is a Dutch photographer. She started her career studying theatre at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Several years after, she decided to get a degree for Development Studies at the Centre for International Development Issues at the Radboud University, Nijmegen (CIDIN). After receiving her Master’s degree in 2004, she started working for various NGO’s in the human right’s sector in The Netherlands as well as in Latin American countries such as Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Mare had her own dark room at the age of 17 and photographed ever since. It was not until the year 2011 however that she got introduced to the world of art photography and rediscovered her love for art. She started studying at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and graduated in the year 2017. Up to day she still draws from her years performing in theatre, expressing herself through images and directing her subjects according to her view.

Based in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Artist Statement

My work revolves around philosophical themes drawn from my own personal questions in life. I use photography and video and often write monologues to go with a series of images. A monologue helps me to organize my research on the subject. More importantly however, it allows me to crawl into the skin and deepen my understanding of an individual's feelings with regard to the theme I am working on.

Want to model for me?

Don’t hesitate, send me a message with your name, a photo of yourself and a little something you like to share with me about yourself.

Artisa Greece - Art retreats

I am on the advisory board of Artisa - Academic & Art retreats - in Greece. For any inquiries, feel free to contact me.

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